Student Possessions Insurance and Protecting Your Belongings – 4 Things to Remember

Nowadays it’s essential for students to get insurance to cover the possessions they take with them to their student accommodation. Sadly, there are thieves who are on the look out for soft targets and with the amount of technology; phones, laptops, mp3 players and so on that students own, there are plenty of opportunities for thefts. Here are 4 things to remember when insuring and protecting your belongings.

1. Be security conscious at all times especially when you first move in

Whether you are in halls of residence or in a privately owned student house, you need to be conscious of where your belongings actually are, particularly when you are first moving in. Thieves know that this is a vulnerable time and can even be watching and taking mental notes of any opportunities. In a halls of residence, people will not be familiar with each other at first, so thieves can move around more easily, relatively undetected. The advice here is to try and keep all your property in sight and if possible all together, if someone is helping you move in, make them aware of the dangers so that they can be extra vigilant.

2. Take your time when looking for insurance, to get the best deal

You will reap rewards in time and money saving by doing due diligence when looking for insurance and getting the right cover for the right price. If you can use the Internet for your search, you can more easily make notes, get quotes sent to you by email and print them and also use comparison sites, which should save you money on your policy. Look carefully at each quote and make sure it covers all your requirements with no hidden charges – the cheaper quotes aren’t necessarily the cheapest when you factor in those ‘hidden’ costs.

3. Look for insurance that covers unforced entry

This particularly applies in halls of residence, where you are not solely responsible for locking all doors. It can also apply to a private residence of course, but the point is that a thief could enter without having to force their way in. Look for insurance policies which give you some sort of cover on this eventuality. Any insurer who fully understands the practicalities of student life in accommodation, will offer a policy with this in mind, although it may mean a higher premium.

4. How much will you have to pay for basic cover?

It has been calculated that on average a student owns about £3000 of possessions, so based on this your premium may well be between £20 and £50. The cover will factor in where your accommodation is, (city or town and the area’s reputation) and the type of accommodation, (halls of residence or rented residential student housing).

It makes real sense to insure and protect your possessions if you are a student, (or, indeed anyone else). The time and money spent sorting it out will give you peace of mind and save you a lot of time and aggravation.