The Strangest Things That Insurance Plans Will and Will Not Cover

It feels as though protection can be purchased for any situation, but is that really true?

When it comes to insurance plans, it can easily feel as though there is a policy that can be purchased to cover anything, no matter the situation, but as much as there may be a lot of strange forms of protection for sale, there are also a number of areas in which you’re on your own.

Celebrities are known for the wacky types of policies that they purchase.

Though the majority of us wouldn’t even blink if someone were to talk about auto or homeowners insurance, but coverage is another way in which the lives of celebrities can differ from the rest of us. Singers, actors, athletes, and other famous people are always buying policies that would never cross the minds of the average person. From the $1 billion policy that Mariah Carey took out on her legs (not her voice!), to the $1.6 million covering the middle finger of Keith Richards (because he uses it to play the guitar), stars just love owning odd types of cover.

Of course, it’s not just one body part that needs an insurance plan in some cases.

For example, David Beckham has taken out an insurance plan worth $151 million to cover his entire body, despite the fact that he has now retired from playing soccer.

Of course, those policies are only for celebrities whose feet stay firmly planted on the ground. Shirley MacLaine has thought of the fact that not every problem occurs here on Earth. After all, what if aliens were to come down and abduct her? Not to worry, she has a $25 million policy that will be paid to her in the event that little green men should ever abduct her and then return her to Earth once more.

At the same time, as much as you can make sure that your hand is covered to flip the bird to people your whole life, and you can know that you will receive a payment while you recover from an unplanned vacation on an alien ship, there are some events against which you might believe that you are already covered, but where you are likely not.

Know what your insurance plan will actually do for you.

For example, if you needed another excuse to practice safe sex, then you might be interested to hear that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are not typically not covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy, despite the fact that they will provide coverage for bodily injury. Considering that approximately 1 in 4 people will have an STD of some kind in their lifetime, you might want to think again before you decide that this shouldn’t concern you.

Thinking of having a neighbor over for a bottle of wine and a cozy evening? If you do, bring some added protection with you, because your homeowners insurance won’t cover you if he or she ends up leaving with more than was bargained for. People have tried to battle this one out in court, but to no avail.

While not all situations and lawsuits are as black and white as they may seem, it is a good idea to check more carefully into what your insurance plans – such as your homeowners policy – covers. Even if the circumstance isn’t among the areas in which you are protected, the insurer may at least pick up the tab for the legal costs. There are a number of things that will make that determination. The best idea for you is to ask your insurance agent about the type of protection you have against special circumstances and crazy claims.