Dental Implant Insurance – Important Factors You Need to Know

With the advancements in dentistry today, dental implants have become widely available. The procedure allows partials or dentures to be fixtures on implants that are permanent secured. Dental implant surgery on average costs $1,000 per tooth, depending majority on the health and tissues around the teeth that the dentist maybe be replacing.

The reality however is that implant surgery is costly and you will be fortunate if your insurance covers the procedure. This is because most dental insurance plans typically cover individuals who lost their teeth due to an accident or injury. If implants are an option for you – the best solution available today, you are probably not going to get any assistance from your insurer.

Often, dental insurance companies consider implants as cosmetic procedures, but for a large premium will offer dental implant insurance. In most cases however you will have to wait twelve months from the time your start making payments on your premium to the time you implant insurance coverage becomes active.

You may seek alternatives to dental insurance, but don’t give up hope, there are fall back solutions available from your health insurance. If your teeth have failed to a point where you require several implants as a replacement, you may also require a surgical realignment of your jaw. This is so that you can properly chew your food, it is essential to discuss your situation with your medical insurance company and its also important not to commit to surgery without first knowing that your policy will cover you.

Medicare may also be another option for you to partake. You may be eligible for surgery to reconstruct your jaw due to disease or from accidental damage. You may be entitled to other discount dental plans that are not classified as insurance, but discounts that may significantly reduce the cause of dental implant surgery. For a monthly membership fee, you can have access to treatment from any dentists that participate in the club. Please not that you will still have to pay a significant amount at the time you are being treated.

Do not consider implants without first reviewing your dental implant insurance coverage complete detail.