PIP Auto Insurance

Maybe you have also heard the term PIP auto insurance, and it sent you wondering, what’s that now? Here is some light of what PIP auto insurance is all about; PIP (Personal Injury Protection) auto insurance is a type of vehicle coverage. It is added insurance cover that will clear some of your hospital bills after a genuine car accident. It will also pay for some others non-incident related charges.

PIP has so many benefits, and the most obvious one is that PIP auto insurance compensates for lost wages resulting from any serious injuries that the insured suffers. Secondly, a PIP claim will be active regardless of who was responsible for the accident; this is what insurance experts refer to as “no fault” protection.

You can get your “PIP” insurance cover for your car online within 5 minutes. You can also do shop to shop comparisons from up to 10 national carriers and then select the plan that seems to work best for you.


Medical costs are high, and they are rising year after year, maybe you have not considered that fact. There are various aspects in a motor car accident, and one of the most expensive ones may be catering for medical bills. Such medical expenses include ambulance, physical therapy, medicine and other expenses. Many insurance companies will offer policies that do not cover any amount of heath care. Those policies that cover medical bills are much more expensive.

If you have PIP insurance added to your policy, all these expenses will be catered for. Some policies will go ahead and cover upkeep expenses to your home like cleaning and yard care. However, adding PIP to your policy is expensive but considering the possibility of the unfortunate occurrence where you find yourself in a fatal crash, getting it is definitely a wise decision. You can get quoted now and find cheaper insurance cover in your area.

States that Mandate PIP Insurance

Some states have mandated PIP Insurance and to date, they are 13 of them. They are Florida, Utah, North Dakota, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts and the Washington D.C. More states are expected shortly to pass and enforce this type of mandatory regulation. This results from the fact that heath care expenses are rising at a high rate. Some states with a big population like California and Texas have PIP insurance covers to protect the lives of drivers.

PIP Plans are Unique to each State

Each and every state is responsible for crafting their insurance laws and regulations. Insurers operating in a certain state have the leniency to offer coverage within the guidelines in that state. With PIP protection, many states have different degrees of acceptable procedures that are covered.

Example, massage therapy may be fine in Florida but not in Minnesota. You should, therefore, check with your insurance agent if you are confused about what therapy your policy will cover.

One of the great advantages of PIP plans over “Med Pay” and other assurances is it covers both the expenses related to the crash, as well as compensates for lost income There are countless costs non-related to an accident that many people never even think about until such an event happens. PIP plans are more comprehensive in nature and provide a wider array of benefits

Less Legal Issues In the recent past couple of decades, there has been high numbers of cases in courts relating to personal injury resulting from a vehicle accident. This has prompted most states to pass the “no fault” initiatives and make the PIP insurance mandatory. This helps to keep the cases at the minimum.